Why Engage a Real Estate Agent?

Why Engage a Real Estate Agent?

To avoid unpleasant situations like:

  1. Unfamiliarity of real estate transactions rules and regulations could delay the process
  2. Lack of proper financial advice to assist you in making sound buying/leasing or selling decisions.
  3. Time consuming search
  4. Tedious and numerous co-ordinations and follow-up with fellow marketing agents.

You can hire an agent to work on your behalf either as a potential buyer/tenant or seller/landlord.

How can a Real Estate Agent contribute?

For Buyers/Tenants
Search, qualify and short list available properties that match your criteria.
Provide you the update possible pricing
Co-ordinate with fellow marketing agents for viewing of properties.
Co-ordinate your moving in and out of the apartment with fellow marketing agent.
Takes care of assisting you in arranging for activation of water/electricity & gas supplies
Assist you in arranging of activation of internet or cable vision service
Takes care of necessary documentations to complete the deal.

For Sellers/Landlords
Provide you the latest possible market price of your property
Market your property through channels like online and Strait Times advertisement.
Qualify potential buyers
Organize viewings
Takes care of necessary documentations to complete the deal.
Arrange lawyer for the transaction if required.

Agent’s service fees varies from agent to agent. However below is just a guidelines and sometimes the fees can be negotiable.

Buying & selling of private apartments and bungalow
Seller pays 2% of transaction value.
Buyer pays either 1% or nothing (free of charge depending on the transacted price).

Renting of private apartments or bungalow
Landlord pays one month’s rent for more than 12 months lease secured.
Tenant pays half month’s rent for every 12 months lease and one month’s rental for every 24 months lease secured.