TV License

Under the Broadcasting Act (Cap. 28), it is an offence to have a TV set at your home without a valid TV License.

Authorized licensing officers would be conducting checks on properties with no TV License. A fine of S$200 shall be imposed if a TV set is found at your home during inspection.

The $110 TV License is valid for 1 year only and expires on 31 December.

You will need a separate TV License for each property.

You just need one TV License regardless of the number of TV sets or TV-enabled equipment at home.

Your TV License is not transferable. If you have sold or vacated your property, please cancel your TV License and re-apply for a new TV License for your new property.

You can apply and pay for a new TV license via MDA Online with your SingPass. Alternatively you may also apply and pay for a license at any post office with your identity card or passport.

The TV license for a household is valid for one year from 1 January to 31 December at an annual license fee of S$110. If you apply for your TV license after 1 January, the license fee will be pro-rated. Regardless of the number of TV sets or TV-enabled equipment in a home, a TV Licensee only needs to pay for one license.

If you are applying for TV license on behalf of another person, please submit your application request through MDA Online with the following documents:

1) Authorization letter signed by applicant with contact details of both applicant and the authorized personnel

2) Copy of NRIC (or other ID like passport/employment pass etc) of applicant

3) Copy of NRIC (or other ID like passport/employment pass etc) of authorized personnel

For more information, please visit the FAQ section at MDA Online or call the MDA Customer Service Hotline at 1800 478 5478.

Incase of Tenancy

In case of Tenancy, The TV license is paid by the Tenant annually once. Sometimes, landlords may waive off and pay themselves (this is rare & an act of kindness) but rightfully speaking TV license must be borne by the tenant. The simple rule is “the one who uses the TV pays”.