15 Jan 2011
As announced in Budget 2011, TV licence fees will be permanently removed from 1 Jan 2011.

FAQs on Abolishment of TV licence

1. When and how will l be receiving my refund of the 2011 TV licence fee paid?

If you have paid your 2011 licence fees in full without any past outstanding TV fees for 2010 or before, Media Development Authority (MDA) will mail a refund cheque to you by Apr 2011.    

2. How will I know if I have any outstanding TV fees? How and when must I pay up?

MDA will send a Payment Advice to licensees with any outstanding TV fees for 2010 or before in Mar 2011. Alternatively, you can log on to with your SingPass or call 1800 478 5478 to check if you have any outstanding TV fees.

Payment must be made by 31 May 2011.

You can make payment at the following payment channels:
a) AXS Station with your NRIC number
b) MDA Online with your NRIC number and SingPass
c) SingPost with the MDA Payment Advice

Please do not mail any payments to IRAS.

3. I have been paying my TV licence fees by Giro (with MDA/IRAS). Do I have to inform my bank to cancel the GIRO payment?

You need not inform your bank to cancel the GIRO payment. MDA will make arrangements with the banks and IRAS to stop all Giro deductions for TV licence fees with effect from Mar 2011.  The deductions for Feb 2011 have already been sent to the banks prior to the announcement.  If there are any deductions of 2011 TV licence fees in Jan and Feb 2011, you will receive a refund by Apr 2011.

4.  How do I update my mailing address?

You can send your new address details to MDA via any of the following channels:

a. Online feedback form at
b. Customer Service Hotline: 1800 478 5478
c. Email us at

5. If I have further enquiries on the status of my refund, where can I refer?

You may refer to MDA website ( for more information or call MDA Customer Service Hotline at 1800 478 5478.

6. What has happened to the past TV licence fees collected over the years?

Since 1963, TV licence fees have been used to fund PSB programmes. Over the years, PSB has played an important role in nation-building with programmes that promote core values important to our heterogeneous and multi-racial country. PSB programmes reach out to the nation’s viewers in Singapore’s four official languages, across seven FTA channels offering over 3,000 hours of content annually that cater to the viewing needs of all segments of society including the elderly, children and minority races.

Info courtesy – IRAS website