14th May 2016

AOL Chapter Singapore at Dairy Farm Road, Singapore

We planted trees with the help & guidance of personnel from The National Parks, Singapore.

We planted some flowering trees & some berry producing trees which will produce attractive flowers that develop into colorful berries, which will attract songbirds and other birds that can turn the place into a wildlife wonderland. We planted some endangered/vulnerable species of trees as well. 
This also works towards the fulfillment of the visionary Former PM of Singapore Mr. LKY's vision of a cleaner & greener Singapore.
Together me & my husband planted 4 trees and helped a few other volunteers as well.
Hands red & dirty and dirty shoes under the scorching sun, Sweat trickling down from everywhere, getting exhausted digging the ground and planting a few trees also brings about a newfound respect for our farmers.
It's not an easy job. Our farmers are sweating day in and day out facing challenges with nature as well, so that we can sit comfortably in our homes and eat. Thank you God. Thank you Guruji for giving us an opportunity to give back to our society.
For this humbling experience. It's an amazing feeling

My first plant.....Digging the ground — at Dairy Farm Road.

Digging deeper — at Dairy Farm Road.

Yogesh at work — at Dairy Farm Road.

Posing with our tree.... — with Yogesh Thalpati at Dairy Farm Road.

Watering our 4th Sapling..... — with Yogesh Thalpati at Dairy Farm Road.

We planted this Plant Limau Hantu (False Lime) - A Critically endangered species 

— at Dairy Farm Road.

And this one Marsh Holly is going to attract beautiful butterflies.... — at Dairy Farm Road.

We planted two of these -Indonesian Bay Leaves,  A Vulnerable species — at Dairy Farm Road.